Borobudur Temple in Java

Borobudur Temple

Borobudur is the most impressive Buddhist temple in the world and one of my favourite places in South-east Asia. Characterised by its multiple stupas built upon layers of levels, it has spectacular views of the surrounding mountains. Over a thousand years old, Borobudur is steeped in history and beauty. It is the jewel of Java and is a must for anyone visiting Indonesia.



The cooking power of Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh Market

Phnom Penh is the dynamic capital of Cambodia. It is an explosion of life, smells and sites. I decided to explore Phnom Penh through the medium of food at the Cambodian Cooking Class.


Bustling around Brunei

Brunei Mosque Entrance

Brunei may not be well heard of, visited or even discussed, but that doesn’t mean that it is without merit.  Nestled in the midst of Malaysian Borneo, Brunei is home to under half a million inhabitants. Despite this, it is rated by Forbes as the fifth richest nation in the world (largely due to its involvement in the petroleum industry). The most iconic symbol of Brunei is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque in Bandar Seri Begawan (the capital of Brunei). Spectacular in both the daytime and night, the mosque looks magnificent with its reflection cascading in the surrounding water.


The Magic of Maastricht


Maastricht is a quaint little city in the Netherlands. The streets are lined with bicycles, the people are welcoming and the food is gorgeous. There is something very liveable about Maastricht. It is the sort of city that feels like home.


Angkor Wat Now?

Angkor Thom Gate Statues
Siem reap is one of the most visited places in Cambodia because it is home to the famous Temples of Angkor. There are hundreds of temples in Angkor all with different architectural components and different religious origins. Angkor is the jewel of South-east Asia and is staple on any travel itinerary.


Tokyo- Is it all just fun and games?


Tokyo is a giant playground. It is hard not to feel like a wide-eyed child trying to decide what toy to play with next. There are bizarre treats around every corner.


Christmas in Cologne


Cologne is an amazing city in west Germany, that is beautiful all year round but it simply comes alive at Christmas.